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I have some questions for the supporters of the Black Lives Matter organization. Who ever said black lives don’t matter? Even slaves were worth money and they were freed at the cost of the lives of thousands of whites including the emancipator himself Abe Lincoln. These facts seems to be ignored by BLM. But the claims of this organization are disputed by a few uncomfortable questions. Do black lives matter to those supporting Planned Parenthood? Those abortion mills abundant in black neighborhoods aborting more black lives than any other race. How about the black on black murders in Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and other blue cities? So many murders that have even tragically accounted for the deaths of children who managed to survive abortion. What about the Democrat politicians running these cities and states? For decades they’ve exploiting those duped into voting for them and doing nothing for the community except enriching themselves through empty promises and corruption. Does Joe Biden picking a “woman of color” paint over the history of the Democrat party? From slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow, their opposition to the civil rights laws of the ’60’s and the LBJ war on poverty that has done nothing for the black community except desolate families and create dependency. The Black Lives Matter organization is a Democrat backed Marxist organization bent on the destruction of the American system through lies and the exploitation of the young and ill educated. And they want to remove their main obstacle…President Donald Trump and his America loving supporters.

The initiative for America's future is the choice of the assertion of rational values or those of the thug not troubled with the questions of responsibility. Your choice America!

Mark Sochor, Meridian

Wear a mask

Thank you Governor Little! Your plan has saved lives and will get us back to normal if people would only follow your guidelines. My husband and I are in an age category for concern so we appreciate those who follow the rules and especially those who wear masks.

We are happy to be able to go out and spend locally so our economy will rebound but have found a wide variety in businesses following rules. Louie’s, Costco, IHOP and Express Cafe made us feel safe but other places had unmasked staff and didn’t seem to be able to measure six feet. Kohl’s had hours for the elderly but we found it crowded and even a group of children there.

A local news outlet survey found 88% of respondents agree with the Governor. That is reassuring so I’m puzzled that some elected officials would feel the need to try to take power away from the Governor. I’m also appalled that citizens hiding behind guns feel the need to “protect” this small group of legislators who obviously don’t know Idaho law.

I want to also thank Reverend Len McMillan for requiring masks at Mass. It might be your right to not wear a mask but the Christian thing to do is to wear masks. We are our brothers keepers.

Carol Haddock, Meridian


I was pleased to see more transparency about the COVID-19 numbers. People need to know the truth and it’s about time that we were told how many of the constant tally of infected people have actually recovered and don’t have COVID-19 anymore. It’s good to know that approximately 75% of people have recovered from the overall tally and that most of the remaining people who have tested positive are in the 29 or younger age categories with practically no risk of serious experiences requiring hospitalization.

A couple of questions. Why have we not been told how many people are actually hospitalized? Why are the new reported numbers also being labeled as “presumed”? Are some people not being tested and just being told they’re positive without an actual test? Is that honest? If we have increased testing and more people are out and about because of stage III and IV of the reopening plan then why is Governor Little rolling us back even though he knew and talked about it months ago that there would be an increase in positives?

I wonder if it’s too much for the Idaho press to explain to the readers how many hospital beds are taken up in the state or at least locally by people with COVID-19? That would shed some more light and transparency on something so important. We’re supposed to trust our leaders and the media but if we aren’t given all pertinent information then it’s hard to want to place any trust in our political leaders or the media.

How many are currently sick? How many are currently hospitalized for observation or in the ICU? How many tests are coming back positive versus negative?

Allan Oney, Meridian

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