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As a 41-year resident of the only property directly adjacent to the proposed WinCo store in the Linder Village. I SUPPORT approval of this development.

Over the last 10-years I first saw plans for Fred Meyer to locate on that land, but across the street it went. Then there was Costco, another potential occupant, who finally had enough and moved on to 10 Mile. Now we have WinCo left and still, NOTHING!

My property alone borders the WinCo location. From where WinCo’s loading docks would be located, it’s approximately two football fields to the closest Paramount home.

Noise is a community concern, what about the Fire Station right across the street blowing sirens on most departures? Then there's Rocky Mountain's football and baseball fields with the marching band, screaming fans, and yelling announcers? These are much louder than any WinCo truck will ever be.

The roads will be widened to go along with the development, just like they were widened to accommodate the Paramount Subdivision now built on the corn field and rural setting that I moved here for.

People have a right to develop their property. Don't buy property adjacent to a vacant field, in the path of development, expecting it to never change. The other three corners at Linder and Chinden are developed, and here they sit on this property for ten years, still trying to do something productive.

Doug Stewart, Meridian

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