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Owyhee mascot idea uninspired

I read, with some disappointment, your story about the suggested mascots for the new Owyhee High School. Let me suggest what I think is the coolest mascot I have ever heard of: the Nimerigar.

The Nimerigar is, according to Shoshone legend, a race of cannibalistic dwarves inhabiting the Owyhee Mountains. Details are here:, as well as many “haunted Idaho” sites you can find using Google.

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I know if I were a student, I would love having a cannibalistic dwarf as my mascot. You can also imagine the artwork you could put on football helmets, and how you might dress a mascot character. Finally, every story that covers a game involving the Nimerigar would basically have to describe them...”The Owyhee Nimerigar defeated the Boise Braves 21-14. Nimerigar are a mythical race of cannibalistic dwarves inhabiting the Owyhee Mountains.”

I urge the West Ada School District to reconsider their tentative mascot choice, and allow voters to select the nation’s baddest mascot...the Nimerigar.

—Chris Garvin, Meridian


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