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The Trump administration removed the watchdog over the $2 trillion fund for supporting businesses and people during this crisis. $2 trillion is an unbelievable amount of money to be overseen by a bunch of Trump lackeys.

I urge Sen. Crapo, Sen. Risch and Rep. Fulcher to demand more oversight with this money. It should be going to places that will help and not to line the pockets of the president's friends and loyalists—which I understand is a weird request seeing my elected officials are probably on that list.

I ask Sen. Crapo, Sen. Risch and Rep. Fulcher to take a minute to remember the Republican Party from a couple decades ago. The party that cared about debt and where tax payer money is being spent.

I urge elected officials to not let the checks and balances that make our republic great get erased.

Loren Morris, Meridian

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