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Where I live in Boise, Albertsons is the grocery store located nearest to my apartment. It is often a convenient stop for me on my way home, however, I find myself making longer and less convenient trips to other grocers. Why do I take more time out of my already busy schedule to do so? Because the most recent evaluation by Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families rated Albertsons far below that of other local grocers.

Eating healthy goes far beyond getting the proper servings of fruits and vegetables. Eating healthy is eating clean foods that have not been contaminated with harmful chemicals such as PFAS. As a clinician, I view healthy eating as one of the most important contributors in preventative medicine. But what happens when families make the effort to serve more leafy greens, organic meats, and whole grains, yet they come wrapped in packaging laden in harmful chemicals? We now know, following one of the largest cohort studies of all time, PFAS are linked to several autoimmune diseases and cancers.

It is my hope to see Albertsons eliminate the many sources of PFAS and other harmful chemicals used in food packaging. This is not just a plea to put another restriction on businesses. This is a concern being expressed due to the detrimental effects that PFAS can have on your community, your employees and your beloved customers.

— Amanda Pasek, Boise


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