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The invasion at our southern border predates President Trump by 50+ years. The inability of Democrats to actually implement their agenda for America that increases their power of governments in Washington and in the States has caused them to change tactics. They are now changing the electorate. This has been an ongoing effort through the control of the education system, the media, the culture and open borders.

The Democrats have incentivized these people. The idea that these are just people who want a better life can cover all those around the world who have waited in line and tried to follow the proper procedures to come in legally. Suddenly these people, whose first act upon entering country is to break our laws, are saints. I see the hand ringing and misdirected pseudo-compassion for these people who were not asked in, but are entering with their hands out. Expecting to be cared for in all ways. Food, water, housing, medical care, education, a job and voting in our elections. And every Democrat candidate for President is endorsing all of those things.

Any consideration for American taxpayers in this entire nightmare is met with derision and cries of racism.

The Democrats will not fund a border wall. They will not change asylum laws. Lie about the conditions in holding facilities as if our Border Patrol was at fault. Sanctuary cities openly defy immigration laws, allowing their own citizens to be murdered, all for the sake of their virtue-signaling and hoped for political dominance. Democrats won’t even let us count them. Why? Because the numbers will be staggering. The citizenship question has been on the census for over 200 years until the Obama administration removed it. Only taxpayer dollars and equal representation are at stake. That’s all!

We have to know who is entering our country. Along with the burden on taxpayers there is increasing incidents of diseases that we once practically eradicated making a comeback. The Democrats opposing President Trump’s immigration initiatives that they gave lip service to just a few years ago. Blaming President Trump for this is to miss the mark by a country mile. I urge our Idaho State Representatives and Senators in Washington to support this administrations efforts on illegal immigration.

— Mark Sochor, Meridian


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