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Crisis at the border

I urge Sen. Crapo, Sen. Risch and Rep. Fulcher to resist partaking in continuing ICE raids across various states. Halt any funding that goes to ICE and CBP. Release the children detained in centers at the border. Family separation as an immigration policy is a gruesome and immoral method of control. President Trump’s justification for detaining families and individuals seeking asylum is drastically misleading and harmful. Placing asylum seekers in detention centers to ensure their attendance at immigration hearings not only violates numerous basic human rights but it entirely unnecessary. Under the Obama administration family immigration policies, immigrants attended their hearings 99.3% of the time.

Revoking these policies and dissolving such processes has reversed all progress previously made. By pursuing and allowing such horrifying tactics to take place at the border, the current administration has violated even the most basic rights to seek asylum and has criminalized innocent immigrants.

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I urge Sen. Crapo, Sen. Risch and Rep. Fulcher, to wholly disavow the appalling crisis currently happening at the border. They must take heed of Idaho’s citizens’ cries for help. We are disgusted and horrified by what our administration has done to innocent families. Sen. Crapo, Sen. Risch and Rep. Fulcher have the power to contribute to their dissolution. I urge them to represent the people who put them into power. Our voices won’t be quiet until they do.

— Kaitlyn Bellamy, Meridian


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