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The disturbing misinformation in Mark Sochor’s letter must be corrected. The census began in 1790 but the citizenship question was not added until 1950, removed in 1960 and from 1970 to 2010 was included in only 17% of the forms (long forms). Yes, taxpayer dollars and equal representation are at stake. Fear of answering a citizenship question would lower census numbers and the census is meant to count all residents, legal or illegal.

Your veiled remark about increased incidents of disease in an immigration debate is reminiscent of other xenophobic rhetoric. Higher incidents of disease can be caused by the lack of immunizations or insect infestations caused by warming climate but the source is as likely from citizen travelers.

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Please, before you write be sure you check your source and make sure the information is correct. The Russians used misinformation to influence our last election so check your information with multiple sources.

— Carol Haddock, Meridian


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