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We moved here from not California. Have been here eight years; pretty much enjoy it. One thing we really would like to see built is a casino. When we tell people they roll their eyes and say there’s Jackpot. Yes. We have gone many times and noticed most plates down there are 1A. We are baby boomers. Not rich; middle income. We make day trips to Jackpot because we have several pets. The older we get, the harder the drive is and we see many crosses on the roadside. Perhaps part of it is Mountain Home Air Force Base. Wish we could be a little more progressive. We could use a little bells, whistles, flashing lights! Husband thought Horseshoe Bend would be perfect. I’m open to anywhere within a 90-minute drive that doesn’t involve twisty roads. If money is an issue, sell shares for $50 each. We’d buy 10. Build it and they will come. Those against it, don’t go. Start small. Quality is important. Have a buffet. It would bring jobs, revenue, entertainment … oh my! Adequate policing. I don’t think we’d become a hotbed of crime. Please, some developer or tribe, think about it?

• Dorie Weiss, Meridian

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