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Robert Simison is the right choice for Mayor of Meridian. I have worked with him at a variety of community events and my family continues to be impressed. He is a family-man who exudes integrity. Robert has demonstrated versatility, expertise, and a track record of leadership in the Treasure Valley. He understands the vast complexities involved in appreciating our area’s resources. He will be a stable steward for them, going into the future.

For the last 12 years, Robert has served as the Chief of Staff to Mayor Tammy de Weerd and is a member of the city’s Senior Leadership Team. His efforts have led to the rebuilding of the Meridian Road Interchange, creation of the city’s first Strategic Plan, and a vote by residents to expand the City Council from four seats to six. He has been active in the Meridian Chamber of Commerce, and volunteered as a coach for youth soccer and baseball leagues.

Robert engages local and state community, working to foster safe neighborhoods, education, and transportation. He has the vision and experienced perspective to manage the amazing growth in our area and brings a balanced view. Robert is closely involved in maintaining an effective and efficient city budget.

Vote for Robert Simison on November 5.

Michael Strickland, Nampa

Simison is right leader

To the Editor:

I’m writing to publicly express my support for Robert Simison for our next Mayor of Meridian. As a Meridian resident, business owner and Chair of the Meridian Chamber of Commerce, I have a strong passion for the success of our city and business community. With the current growth we are experiencing, the City of Meridian will continue to be challenged. It is critical that we have an individual as our Mayor who completely understands the past, current and future challenges and has a plan how to move our city in the right direction for our residents and businesses.

We have been so fortunate to have Mayor Tammy lead us for the last 16 years with the support of Robert Simison by her side for 12 of those years. Robert has been extremely active in supporting our business community which is key to our successes that you see today. As a developer, with the help of Robert, we have focused on smart and responsible growth which is critical in today’s climate of rapid expansion in both residential and commercial.

I have very high expectations from our City leadership. It is my opinion that there is not one other potential candidate that has the qualifications that Robert Simison has to lead our amazing City. This belief is based on numerous proven actions by Robert throughout the years. Finally, I would encourage your readers to investigate each of the potential candidates and their past involvement with the City of Meridian. I trust your readers will find that Robert Simison is the right choice for Mayor of Meridian.


Jeffrey Hall, Meridian

Simison for mayor

I’m Dom Gelsomino, a proud Meridian resident, and Commissioner for Meridian’s Parks and Recreation Commission. Today, I am happy to reinforce and recommit my endorsement of Robert Simison for Mayor of Meridian, that I made earlier this spring.

Over the last 16 years Meridian has grown and become one of the top most successful and premier places to live, work, and raise a family. For a majority of those years, Robert worked side by side with Mayor Tammy as her Chief of Staff and oversaw the growth and success of our city.

As we look to the future of Meridian, it is important that we ensure the continuity of that success by entrusting a local candidate who has the hands on experience to continue the vision and trajectory we’ve been on since 2004.

Whether it’s transportation, public safety, community development, jobs, responsible management of our city’s growth, and an issue that I hold near and dear, Parks and Recreation, Robert has strong, experience, and result based plans and solutions that will keep Meridian on a steady course.

I hope you will join me in voting for Robert Simison for Mayor this November.

Dom Gelsomino,


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