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The State Treasurer race is about qualifications and trustworthiness, since the office is responsible for billions of dollars of investments and maintaining Idaho's excellent Credit rating. Tom Kealey has the qualifications, experience and reputation for this important Constitutional Office.

I worked with Tom Kealey for many years when he served on the State of Idaho's Endowment Fund Investment Board and I was the Manager of Investments, in charge of the staff that supported the Board. He was always well prepared for board meetings and always supported and challenged staff in our efforts to invest prudently and creatively and relentlessly reduce administrative expenses.

Tom Kealey's background and credentials make him uniquely qualified for the State Treasurer’s office. He is a retired CPA with extensive investing, corporate finance, and business management experience. He understands how to manage money and how to work with people. Tom is a person of integrity and honesty and a man of action. He would be a great State Treasurer. We can trust him to watch every penny.

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Please join me in voting for Tom Kealey in the Republican Primary on May 15. 

— Larry Johnson, Meridian


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