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Jeremy Greenfield, Reader’s Digest Senior Editor, asks me to encourage Meridian residents to tell why their city is “The Nicest Place to Live in America." The community chosen for this honored title will be featured in Reader’s Digest Magazine. We’re proud of our great city, especially of welcoming folks here. Our stories can encourage other communities to emulate our city's friendly, caring personage. To nominate: nomination: Meridian Idaho, Nicest Place to Live in AmericaHere in Meridian, we welcome many refugees. We help them acclimate to their new community, and guide them through their transition by teaching language skills and offering ongoing counseling. We also provide them with housing, domestic provisions, educational resources, job opportunities, and schooling. Our laws and ways of life are often challenging because of our differing lifestyles, so we educate our own citizens on how we can help newcomers as they move into the community. We introduce refugees to all the grand opportunities that we are proud to share with all in Meridian. It’s pure joy to show those who move here how stunning our landscape is and enjoy all of it’s splendor. Alternatively, we also learn from incoming refugees and appreciate them sharing with us their own skills and work ethic. The world is our extended family. It’s no wonder that Boise and Meridian are famously among the fastest growing populations in the U.S, but of greatest importance is our welcoming, caring citizens. We’ve 300 sunny days yearly, winter sports, fishing, hunting, camping and hiking. Diverse activities appeal to every interest: live theater, lush landscapes, desert lands, unique terrain, hot springs, Craters of the Moon — where astronauts have trained  sand dunes to slide down, and surrounding mountain ranges. We love our forests, rivers, lakes, streams and wildlife that it attracts. Welcome!

— Ga Neille Hostvedt, Meridian

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