Meridian Canine Rescue

Volunteer Maria Barbee and now adopted Max get ready to participate in the Meridian Canine Rescue's "Through Their Eyes" event in February. 

Starting Friday evening, volunteers will spend a full day with some of the Meridian Canine Rescue’s furry faces.

During the “Through Their Eyes” event, volunteers and staff live with an adoptable dogs at the rescue for a full 24 hours. They will eat when the dog eats, walk when the dog walks, and sleep where the dog sleeps.

The event gives those individuals a look at what it’s like to live in the dogs’ kennels. One volunteer, Maria Barbee, has been with the rescue for almost two years and has participated in three “Through Their Eyes” events. She said the best part is when the lights turn off for the night, and the volunteer and dog are sharing the small run together.

“Soon you realize how precious quiet moments are. … Such an amazing feeling to see your pup relax and get a moment of uninterrupted rest next to you,” she said in a release from the rescue. “They seem so grateful to have the company and the love.”

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Barbee said the event helped her experience the world that dogs live in.

“It has helped me realize how dependent the successful outcome of their story is on the availability of the resources — both human and financial — needed to maintain their quality of life until they find their forever homes,” she said.

People can donate to their favorite dog-and-human team during the event, or consider adopting the dog. This year, event donations will support the rescue’s Adoption Program, which saves an average of 300 dogs per year.


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