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Employees of Paradigm Property Solutions, LLC have not visited their Meridian office in three weeks, office owner Mark Means said.

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Paradigm Property Solutions LLC of Meridian, and owner Ronald Jaques, are being sued for alleged mismanagement and conversion of security deposit and rental payment into separate personal accounts, according to records received from the Ada County Courthouse.

Jaques did not show up to the lawsuit hearing on Wednesday. Landlord for the Paradigm Property Solutions office Mark Means said despite a number of attempts, he has not been able to get in contact with Jaques and has not seen Jaques or any of his employees enter their office for three weeks.

Jaques managed between 200 to 300 residences for the plaintiffs involved in the lawsuit, including T Street LLC, Doheny LLC, Trestles LLC, Oaklands LLC, Ejc LLC, Euda LLC, Tammara Heron and Silver Fox Management LLC, said plaintiffs’ attorney Skip Sperry. He said he did not know the complete number of residences Jaques managed.

Eric Uhlenhoff, managing member of T Street LLC, an Idaho company and one of the plaintiffs, said in his testimony that Paradigm Property management had not been using money paid to them for the services that T Street LLC had requested.

During a meeting with Jaques in June, Uhlenhoff estimated that Jaques should have at least $600,000 in his accounts for the residences he was managing, the document said. Jaques showed only around $17,000. Jaques then told Uhlenhoff he was borrowing money to pay off a different lawsuit.

Tammara Heron, trustee of the Heron Family Trust, another plaintiff, said in her testimony that Paradigm Property Company was managing a property in Meridian since October 2015. Heron said Jaques owed the trust more than $117,000 for tenant deposits and for reserves given to him to pay bills on time.

At the time of the court case, the attorneys had not received the defendant’s financial documents, like was order prior to the hearing, according to a court document signed June 28.

While the lawsuit is pending, Shannyn Flory of Waypoint Management has been appointed as a receiver for Paradigm Property Management, LLC, the document said. As receiver Flory will assume full operational control of the Paradigm Entities and will make all decisions necessary to operate the businesses, the document said.

Jaques is also the owner of RentMaster, which has gotten several complaints from property managers that they haven’t received their money for several months, according to an article by The Standard Journal in Rexburg.

On June 27 Jaques sent a letter to property owners that RentMaster was no longer serving properties, the article said. In the letter Jaques said he had multiple strokes over the past year and would be handing over operations to Jacob Grant Property Management. Jake Durtschi, of Jacob Grant Property Management in Idaho Falls, said his company was approached by Jaques on June 25, The Standard Journal reports.

Jaques, RentMaster and Paradigm were sued by New Era Lending and received judgement in February requiring a $114,779.02 sum to be paid with interest, according to a document retrieved from the Ada County Courthouse.

A lawsuit was filed against Jaques, his wife Kimberly Jaques and RentMaster by Means-Law, through attorney Mark Means, who is also landlord of Paradigm Property Solutions LLC’s office in Meridian, according to a document requested from the Ada County Courthouse.

The document stated Jaques engaged Means-Law in legal services on Sept. 9, 2016, regarding a buy out of a previous partner and business owner of RentMaster, where Means-Law represented Jaques and his wife. After the case was over Jaques continued to seek legal advice from Means-Law. The document stated that Jaques still owes Means-Law roughly $45,000.

There was a “blow up” with several owners of Paradigm Property Solutions LLC about three weeks ago at their Meridian office, according to Means.

Since the blow up, employees of Paradigm Property Solutions LLC have not shown up to the office as far as Means knows. Means believed all of the company’s employees quit.

Means said he has been trying to evict Paradigm Property Solutions LLC and Jaques for about two weeks without success. Means said despite multiple efforts Means and his associates have not been able to locate Jaques who is not at his residence or at the business.

The Office of Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden has received a handful of comments and complaints from Idaho residents about Paradigm Property Management, LLC, according to Scott Graf, Director of Constituent Affairs.

There is not a pending court date at this time, according to Sperry. Sperry encouraged tenants whose residences were managed by Paradigm Property Management, LLC to contact their landlords if they had questions.

Tracy Basterrechea, Meridian's deputy police chief, would not verify if they were investigating Jaques. He encouraged people to contact the Meridian Police Department if they believe they have been defrauded by him or by Paradigm Property Solutions LLC.

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