Hammer & Stain

Hammer & Stain, a DIY workshop at 1500 Locust Grove Road, Meridian, began hosting workshops on Oct. 16.

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Hammer & Stain, a DIY workshop, is opening at 1500 Locust Grove Road in Meridian. The shop offers classes on making home decor, such as signs and canvases, along with tools and materials.

The shop hosted its first workshop on Oct. 16, with a grand opening planned for the end of the month. After the grand opening, residents will also be able to drop in and start a project, said Jennifer Braaksma, owner of the Meridian Hammer & Stain.

The Meridian Hammer & Stain will be one of around 45 stores nationwide.

After its grand opening, the store will also have a small retail area where residents can buy already made home decor.

Before opening the store, Braaksma owned two scrapbooking stores in California and had a rhinestone business. She said she learned about Hammer & Stain from a couple of friends and decided she wanted to open a shop in the area.

Patty Bowen is the Meridian Press reporter. You can reach her at pbowen@idahopress.com.

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