This week we are so excited to present Doc and Daisy!

Doc: Hello potential adopter. My name is Doc, and I am almost 9 years old. I’m used to being a couch potato and lap dog; I really just want to sit on your lap, cuddle with you and watch Netflix or old movies, as long as the dog doesn’t get hurt, right?

You know how as you get a little “older” and you really don’t care about running a lot, well, I guess that means I’m a bit on the “plump” side. So my new owner will probably want me to cut down on those treats, and maybe even do Keto (whatever that is). I am a little nervous and a bit afraid of loud noises. I used to live with kids, but I would rather not be around them in my old age because I get a little nervous around them. I don’t mind cats or other dogs. I do know some commands like sit, stay, come, shake, kennel and fetch, so I think that makes me pretty smart, don’t you think?

Daisy: Hi world! My name is Daisy (yes, just like the flower or Daisy Duke — I’m just as gorgeous as both of those things). I’m 7 years young and house and crate trained. I’m kind of bashful, meaning it can sometimes take me a little while to get to know you, but once I do — I’m as sweet as honey! I prefer a quieter home with some older dog-savvy children/teens. I’m friendly when it comes to other dogs and on occasion I like to play with them too. I’ve lived with another dog that was much smaller than me and did great; Doc and I are the best of friends. I’m a smart girl who comes with a few tricks and commands like sit, stay, come, shake, kennel, and fetch!

Doc was with his family since he was a young pup, and he shared that home with Daisy. Their owner became ill and can’t take care of them. Those interested in Doc and Daisy can bring the whole family to Meridian Canine Rescue, 501 E. Scenery Lane, Ste. 100, 12-5 p.m. Thursday through Sunday to meet them.

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