Howdy, Idaho! I’m MC and I’m a super sweet, good boy! At least that’s what all the nice volunteers tell me, and they would know, right?

I just arrived from California, and I know that my forever person or family is here in Idaho! I look like a wise old man, but I’m not. I’m a wise young adult! Best guess is maybe 4-5 years old. Which, if you ask me, is the perfect age for cuddles, snuggles, relaxed walks and bonding with my peeps.

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I’m good with other doggies, and although I’m a little shy at first with people, it doesn’t take much to bring me out of my shell, and then I’ll be yours forever. Because I can be shy and sudden moves tend to scare me, I would prefer a home with older children. Us little guys get kind of nervous around quick-moving, high-pitched littles running at us.

I’m pretty sure that if you give me love, a treat or two (or 12), a soft bed to lay in and some kind words and affection, I will be your bestest friend forever! Here’s a little secret on the way to my heart, but don’t tell anyone as it’s kind of embarrassing. K, promise? I love a good tushie scratch! Please come in and meet me and let me steal your heart ... and lap!

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