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Push for Marsy’s Law

will continue

I am writing to express my disappointment at the results of the House vote on Marsy’s Law. As a crime victim myself, it was troubling to listen to Rep. Lynn Luker and others in opposition lay out far-fetched scenarios and technical “what-ifs” while ignoring that this effects real Idahoans.

While I’m saddened that this didn’t pass, I want to recognize the many supportive Representatives who fought to raise the bar for victims’ rights.

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First, thank you to the 42 legislators who voted “Yes” in spite of the numerous attempts by the opposition to cloud the issue. I’d especially like to thank Representative Brent Crane and Senator Todd Lakey for their leadership as sponsors of HJR-8.

In addition, thank you Senator Cherie Buckner-Webb for your unfailing support. A huge thank you should also go out to the Representatives who debated in favor of the bill including: Monks, Malek, Chaney, Zollinger, McDonald and Armstrong.

And finally, thank you to Rep. Smith, Rep. Tway, Chairman Loertscher, Rep. Harris and Palmer for your bi-partisan support that enabled HJR-8 to get out of the House State Affairs Committee to the floor for a vote. The fight for equal rights for crime victims will go on!

—Sylvia Flores, Nampa

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