NMID with Bureau of Reclamation employees

Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District water managers brief Bureau of Reclamation employees on the operation of the district’s canal system during a two-day session in August 2018.

The Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District is accepting nominations starting Sept. 6 for candidates to run for election on Nov. 5 as director of the Nampa Precinct 3, according to a release from the district.

The district will accept nominations through Sept. 26 from individuals who want to run. The position is currently held by Clinton C. Pline.

The Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District, founded in 1904, supplies irrigation water to some 69,000 acres of farmland, residential and commercial lands in Ada and Canyon counties, including pressurized irrigation for more than 17,000 parcels of land.

Candidates for the Nampa Precinct 3 position must live in the precinct and meet other qualifications set by law. Interested candidates can contact the district for more information at 208-466-7861.

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Precinct 3 is roughly bordered by McDermott Road on the east, McMillan Road on the north, Plum Road on the west and Bennett Road on the south. A map of the Nampa Precinct 3, along with other information about the election, is available at the NMID website: nmid.org/Elections.html.

“The 20-day window in which nominations can be filed must be met if an individual wants to compete for the director position,” Daren Coon, NMID secretary treasurer, said in the release. “State law sets down specific procedures we must follow so it is critical that people who are interested contact the district as soon as possible so we can provide the information and forms they will need.”

Idaho law specifies an election will not be held if the deadline for nominations has passed and only one qualified candidate has been nominated. Instead, the board of directors will declare the one candidate as elected.

Three directors, one in each precinct, make up the board of directors.


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