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Oh, Ryker. We just adore you and your big, beautiful heart.

Ryker has been an MCR favorite since last year. Adopted and returned twice now, this big lovebug has made it clear that he needs to have people around him at all times. You see, Ryker doesn’t handle being alone too well and really prefers to be a social butterfly. He can’t help it — he just really likes to be with his family. He loves all people — big, small, old, young. Ryker doesn’t discriminate when it comes to his companions; he’ll gladly cuddle with anyone. He’ll also happily play with dogs and cats, as he’s successfully lived with both in previous homes.

At 7 years of age, Ryker is a mature adult who is well past his crazy, hyper puppy phase. He knows how to chill, and he enjoys leisurely walks. Ryker doesn’t need marathon-level activity and will gladly lounge on the sofa with his friends after playing a quick ball game in the yard. This beautiful boy is housetrained, and he’s well-behaved most of the time. When he’s alone, his inner Houdini shines through, so security is a top priority for his future family.

MCR is looking for an experienced dog handler who can spend lots of quality time with Ryker. We’ll provide behavioral support to help Ryker’s adopter(s) manage his separation issues. If you would like to meet Ryker, please come down to MCR during our open hours.

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