If you’re interested in saving someone’s life and helping out a dog who’s considered special needs, then you want to meet Russell. He’s gorgeous and perfect, and just a little on the needy side.

So what if he’s deaf? Russell can still understand and learn. So what if he has a weird eye? Russell can still (kind of) see. He practically drips enthusiasm and love, so with the right person and positive reinforcement training, we know that Russell will be able to conquer the world.

He’s only a year old, and yet Russell has been through a couple of homes already. In the past, Russell’s canine friend tried to “dominate” him. We know that some of their conflicts were related to food and other resources, so while Russell may be good with other dogs here in our building, he may need some extra help in the home when it comes to living with another dog.

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In Russell’s most previous home, his people learned he has some separation anxiety; he has gotten scared when left alone in a room and broken out! We recommend crate training, as this is a safer environment for his home and himself.

Russell will need to be supervised and will need time to learn house rules in his forever home. So, what do you say, would you be willing to open up your hearts and homes to Russell? In exchange, he promises to love you forever.

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