Well, this is a first for us. We have a barn cat available for adoption. We know, we know — he LOOKS like a dog. We suppose if you actually tested his DNA, he would in fact be a canine. But please believe us when we say: Jango is a cat.

So we’re looking for a cat person. Someone who understands that the cat gets to decide when to be affectionate — or not. When to play — or not. When to eat. And when to just do his own thing. Unlike many dogs, Jango thrives when he receives space. Don’t get us wrong: he will happily butt his head up against you (see? like a cat!) when he wants some loves. But we always wait until Jango asks for that. Too much touch is really not his thing.

Jango’s ideal home is quiet and full of oodles of toys. He’s more than capable of playing with them and keeping himself occupied; you just need to supply his entertainment. This boy is both toy- and food-motivated, and he’d like all the goodies for himself. When he gets to know you, Jango will graciously allow you to toss him a toy. You may also plump his bed and blankets. And you may definitely chauffeur him around as often as you want. Next to toys and food, car rides are the best.

So, are you an adult looking for a house-trained, low key buddy? Or maybe a farmer who wants a sidekick to hang around in the yard while you work? Have an aversion to clingy dogs and a strong preference for routine? Like casual, easygoing walks and want someone to keep you company? Jango, the 5 year old cat/dog, is your guy.

To set up a meet-and-greet with Jango, call 208-794-0944 or email adopt@meridianrescue.org.

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