Casper is a young and goofy boy with the nicest personality. He wants to be friends with everyone and has no pride when it comes to showing you how much. Not surprisingly he is a great cuddle buddy and likes to spend time hanging out by our side; if he can persuade you to give him belly rubs, even better.

Casper is generally pretty easy-going and only requires moderate exercise though he doesn’t mind long walks. He enjoys mental stimulation from treat dispensing toys and games as well. He loves squeaky, squishy toys which provide great entertainment for him and you.

We know he has been fine with cats in the past as long as they were introduced slowly and the cats didn’t mind him being somewhat clumsy around them. He enjoys meeting calm and respectful dogs but since his social skills with other canines aren’t always the best and there can be conflict, he should be the only dog in the home and meet up with trusted canine friends only, not go to the dog park.

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Casper thinks kids are the best even though he doesn’t totally understand that he’s bigger than some of them. While not diagnosed by the vet, Casper acts like he may have a little trouble with hearing certain sounds and where they come from. At times he will get nervous about noise he doesn’t know and he doesn’t always appear to hear you well when you call to him.

If you have room for this special guy in your life, come meet Casper.

The Meridian Canine Rescue, 501 E. Scenery Lane, is open from 12 to 5 p.m. Thursday through Sunday. The rescue’s phone number is 208-794-0944.

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