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A volunteer for Heart ‘n Home Hospice, a hospice with several locations throughout Idaho and Oregon, has received a national award for volunteering.

Gerald “Jerry” Haines, 84, of Fruitland, will be one of four people across the U.S. recognized at the Volunteers are the Foundation of Hospice Awards on Nov. 5. The awards are given to volunteers who best reflect the universal concept of volunteerism — serving as an inspiration to others, a news release said.

Haines, a 25-year veteran of the Army National Guard, began volunteering in 2014 with Heart ‘n Home Hospice of Fruitland. Haines has participated in hundreds of We Honor Veterans pinning and recognition ceremonies, where Haines — always dressed in his military uniform — pins an American flag on veteran patients’ shirts.

“I’ve never been involved in something so amazing, as to honor someone for what they’ve done and not only are they there, but their family and friends are there, and it is actually showing honor to their relative at that time in their life,” Haines said in the release.

Todd Stice, co-president of Heart ‘n Home, said he is grateful to Haines for continuing to serve after retiring from a long military career.

“It is a humbling thing to be in your presence, your gratitude and humility for those that have served our country,” Stice said in the release. “We thank you for choosing Heart ‘n Home as a place for your volunteering of your time, it has made us better.”

Next week, Haines will go to Orlando, Florida, to accept his award at the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization Interdisciplinary Conference.

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