Dogs of the Week: Mae

For more information about Mae, call the Meridian Canine Rescue at 208-794-0944. The Meridian Canine Rescue, 501 E. Scenery Lane, is open from 12 to 5 p.m. Thursday through Sunday.

Hi Everyone! My name is Mae and I’m 2 years old now. I’m a gorgeous girl who is very very sweet, but I need some help working on my manners. I’ve been through quite a few changes in my young life and need to find the person who is willing to take the time and patience to teach me the right way to do things. I’m a smart gal, I just need some direction. I can get nervous around new people at first, but will start to play bow after some time spent with people.

I get along with other doggies just great when we’re all off leash. Cats, not so much. I’ve never met kids, but I bet I’d like them. Probably older kids who can deal with my size.. My previous mommy took me to doggy day care a couple of times a week and I did great! Wanna know what else? I know how to do stuff! Lots of stuff! I can sit, stay, come, down, roll over and... Wait for it... I can wave! What?! See how smart I am?!

I have lots of energy and would love a person or family that would include me in family activities like hiking and walks and who knows? Maybe even agility! I’m high energy and would do well with lots of fun activities and enrichment with my new family. I love squeaky toys and tug toys the most. Have I mentioned I love car rides and can be very vocal while riding with my people.

Here’s the catch with me and other doggies. I have some challenges when I’m on a leash if I see another dog. I get nervous and anxious and don’t act very nice. I don’t mean to be this way, and like I said, I do great with other doggies when off leash, but this is something that my new person needs to be willing to work on with me.

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I can also be a little anxious when left alone for a long time. I am crate trained and that helps me to feel safe and secure because it’s like my own little apartment and safe space. I’ve just been through so many changes. I’m not sure what to make of it all. If kept engaged, given tasks and a routine, I just know I can do better. Routine and consistency is good for me. As is lots and lots of fun and playtime!

If you’re looking for a high energy gal that wants nothing more than to be loved and cherished, and included in all the fun and games, I’m your gal. Come meet me!

The Meridian Canine Rescue, 501 E. Scenery Lane, is open from 12 to 5 p.m. Thursday through Sunday. The rescue’s phone number is 208-794-0944.


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