Dogs of the Week: Allie

For more information about Allie, call the Meridian Canine Rescue at 208-794-0944. The Meridian Canine Rescue, 501 E. Scenery Lane, is open from 12 to 5 p.m. Thursday through Sunday.

Happy, happy! Wiggle, wiggle! Allie is a lively girl in her late teens looking for an active person or family that will bring her along for fun adventures such as long walks, doggie play dates, hiking and camping, dog sports, or other activities where she can have her brain stimulated and body exercised.

She is super smart and fun to train with; she learns fast with positive reinforcement. Negative training? Not so much. And why should she? Would you like that? Allie loves everyone and has a tremendous capacity for trust in spite of not having the easiest start to her young life. She is mentally rock solid from what we have seen though any dog can reach a tipping point if there is too much stress in their life.

Allie appreciates people with a sense of humor that will see her quirks and misbehavior as expressions of her personality and laugh, and then gently teach her more desirable alternatives. Some things that most beloved pet dogs learn as puppies were not taught to her so extra management is needed to keep her out of trouble as well as providing her enough mental and physical exercise to keep her from doing it her own way which may not find blessing with you.

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Fortunately she is crate trained so you can keep her safe and out of trouble when home alone or not able to supervise her. Having a playful canine companion can go a long way towards keeping her suitable entertained. Allie is reported to be house trained. She is fine with other dogs and got along well with the cat in a previous home. She’s also behaved well around children, though she does like to jump up and hug them from time to time.

The Meridian Canine Rescue, 501 E. Scenery Lane, is open from 12 to 5 p.m. Thursday through Sunday. The rescue’s phone number is 208-794-0944.


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