Hi, world! My name is Tiny Tim. I have no idea why people named me that. I’m a huge dog. HUGE. Like, more than 4 lbs. And yeah, my ears carry most of that weight, but I think that makes me even more adorable. Did you know that when the sun is shining, my ears glow? They really do! I’m basically a magical creature. I’m looking for a family who will see me and treat me as the majestic superdog that I know I am. No need to carry me around like a baby (although I don’t mind it). No need to skip walks — I’ll keep up with you. I’m a whole year old, so I’m a grownup now. I’m happy to meet others, to go exploring, and to run like a wolf, wild and free. I’m good with other small dogs, but I haven’t met big dogs, cats, or kids yet. OK, yeah, sometimes I can be a little shy at first. And if I’m being totally honest with you, I fancy a good nap under a pile of blankets. When we get home, you’ll probably find me nestled up in a bed of my own making, happily dreaming about my adoption story.

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