SPORTS STARS: Megan Yett, Nampa Christian volleyball

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Nampa Christian sophomore Megan Yett has spent the past two seasons playing under the pressure usually reserved for juniors and seniors.

The Trojans volleyball program has years of state championships, district championships and other accolades, and Yett accepted the challenge and excelled, leading Nampa Christian to a 12-0 record against league opponents (and 18-7 overall), its fifth straight District III championship and a 17th-straight 2A state tournament berth. Her performance earned the recognition of the Western Idaho Conference as its Player of the Year. Yett started every game, recording 330 kills — converting nearly 33 percent of her attempts — 56 aces, 220 digs and 100 blocks as the Trojans’ middle hitter.

For her achievements, Yett is the 2015-16 Idaho Press-Tribune Sports Stars Volleyball Athlete of the Year.

“It’s a lot of pressure to keep up the streak of districts and going to state,” Yett said. “Nampa Christian’s always been a top team in the conference. It’s nerve racking to keep that up with that expectation.”

Yett was well aware of the expectations and history of the program, watching older sister Tayler play for the Trojans earlier this decade. Her sister dedicated herself to volleyball, and she did the same, taking up the sport in the eighth grade by joining a competitive club team.

She was immediately called up to the varsity squad as a freshman and has worked as an important part of Nampa Christian’s game up front. Yett said she works well with right-side hitter Alli Byron.

“I go to her position and run behind the setter and she comes in front where I usually hit,” Yett said, describing a favorite strategy. “ It works well. I don’t know why, but we seem to flow together. We’re similar players, similar mentality.”

She doesn’t stop competing at the end of October when the IHSAA season ends, rejoining her Idaho Crush team, traveling across the country to compete. The club seasons have take her to Utah, Colorado, Florida and California.

Yett’s hoping the experience gained from high school and club teams will take her to the NCAA Division I level. Although still a few years away from graduation, she has her eyes on programs like UCLA — the Bruins have won four NCAA championships but this season’s team lost in the regional semifinals — and Boise State.

She’d also like to land somewhere with a sand volleyball team — who wouldn’t want to live near the beach? — but it’s not a dealbreaker.

{p dir=”ltr”}The following are all-conference teams from District III, as provided by district officials.

{p dir=”ltr”}5A All-Southern Idaho Conference

{p dir=”ltr”}{span}Players of the Year:{/span} {span}Gretchen Litzsinger, Eagle; Savannah Ipsen, Centennial{/span}

{p dir=”ltr”}{span}Coaches of the Year:{/span} {span}Carol Klein, Timberline; Cathy Curtis, Columbia{/span}

{p dir=”ltr”}{span}First Team:{/span} {span}Lexi Ward, Timberline; Kelly Driscoll, Eagle; Brooke Foster, Timberline; Kel Bilger, Borah; Kayla Sale, Vallivue; Jade Crowe, Vallivue; Allison O’Harra, Centennial{/span}

{p dir=”ltr”}{span}Second Team:{/span} {span}Page Lookhart, Vallivue; Megan Nelson, Centennial; Gonya Lado, Columbia; McKenzie Lee, Eagle; Shannon Cambron, Rocky Mountain; Morgan Pugmire, Mountain View; Ariah Joyner, Mountain View{/span}

{p dir=”ltr”}{span}Honorable Mention:{/span} {span}Maddy Johnson, Capital; Sabrina Radford, Nampa; Jordyn Pom-Arleau, Boise; Natalia DeMordaunt, Timberline; Elli Fox, Boise; Makayla Martinez, Timberline; Maddie Loar, Columbia; Maddi Wolter, Boise; Abby Mangum, Eagle; Abbey Schwager, Timberline; Tori Gerhring, Rocky Mountain; Ellie Scott, Timberline; Ellie Van De Graff, Capital; Ashlee Conklin, Vallivue; Rachel ten Doeschate, Capital; Allie Thomas, Meridian; Rachael Driskell, Columbia; Hannah Belveal, Rocky Mountain; Kenzie Willis, Mountain View{/span}

{p dir=”ltr”}{span}Senior All-Stars:{/span} {span}Elli Fox, Boise; Kel Bilger, Borah; Maddy Johnson, Capital; Savannah Ipsen, Centennial; Megan Nelson, Centennial; Gonya Lado, Columbia; Madie Loar, Columbia; Gretchen Litzsinger, Eagle; Kelly Driscoll, Eagle; Lexi Ward, Timberline; Natalia DeMordaunt, Timberline; Kayla Sale, Vallivue; Jade Crowe, Vallivue; Page Lookhart, Vallivue{/span}

4A All-Southern Idaho Conference

{p dir=”ltr”}{span}Player of the Year:{/span} {span}Nikki Cox, Kuna{/span}

{p dir=”ltr”}{span}Coach of the Year:{/span} {span}Deb Bradburn, Kuna{/span}

{p dir=”ltr”}{span}First Team:{/span} {span}Hailee Ackerman, Skyview; Marissa Hilliard, Middleton; Bekka Farris, Kuna; Annie Anderson, Skyview; Megan Mowry, Skyview; Chloe Lampman, Middleton{/span}

{p dir=”ltr”}{span}Second Team:{/span} {span}Macy Burch, Bishop Kelly; Sable Lohmeier, Mountain Home; Dani Nay, Skyview; Allison Law, Kuna; Brooke Davis, Middleton; Mahala Bradburn, Kuna{/span}

{p dir=”ltr”}{span}Honorable Mention:{/span} {span}Paige Takasugi, Bishop Kelly; Kenzie Cambell, Bishop Kelly; Lindsey Schmidt, Bishop Kelly; Olivia Bradley, Skyview; Jasmine Martinez, Caldwell; Dakota Walker, Middleton; Hope Deleon, Middleton{/span}

{p dir=”ltr”}{span}Senior All-Stars:{/span} {span}Paige Takasugi, Bishop Kelly; Kyra Gray, Bishop Kelly; Kenzie Campbell, Bishop Kelly; Jazmine Martinez, Caldwell; Nikole Cook, Kuna; Allison Law, Kuna; Rebekah Farris, Kuna; Chloe Lampman, Middleton; Brooke Davis, Middleton; Maddie Reece, Middleton; Megan Mowry, Skyview; Hailee Ackerman, Skyview; Annie Anderson, Skyview{/span}

3A All-Snake River Valley Conference: no list provided

2A All-Western Idaho Conference

{p dir=”ltr”}{span}Player of the Year:{/span} {span}Megan Yett, Nampa Christian{/span}

{p dir=”ltr”}{span}Coach of the Year:{/span} {span}Lindsay Grant, Nampa Christian{/span}

{p dir=”ltr”}{span}First Team:{/span} {span}Megan Yett, Nampa Christian; Alli Byron, Nampa Christian; Kathleen Zwaanstra, Cole Valley Christian; Josie Thurman, New Plymouth; Emma Clark, Melba; Lindy Westendorf, Cole Valley Christian; Kelsey Castledine, Nampa Christian{/span}

{p dir=”ltr”}{span}Second Team:{/span} {span}Dusty Goff, New Plymouth; McKaylee Kuntz, Nampa Christian; Callie Young, Melba; Holly Golenor, Cole Valley Christian; Holly Hobbs, Marsing; Bailee Rae, Cole Valley Christian; Jade Ashley, McCall-Donnelly{/span}

{p dir=”ltr”}{span}Honorable Mention:{/span} {span}Avery Villa, Marsing; Jordan Goins, Marsing; Adriana Salutregui, Marsing; Kayla Cooper, Nampa Christian; Nancy Leggett, Nampa Christian; Ali Rice, Cole Valley Christian; Emily Holtrop, Cole Valley Christian; Kymra Richardson, Melba; Jordyn Rush, Melba; Jessie Hansen, Melba; Mayson Moore, McCall-Donnelly; Brianna Killion, New Plymouth; Aidrie Voile, New Plymouth; Aubrey Wilson, New Plymouth{/span}

{p dir=”ltr”}{span}Senior All-Star Team:{/span} {span}Holly Hobbs, Marsing; Jordan Goins, Marsing; Adriana Salutregui, Marsing; Alli Byron, Nampa Christian; Kelsey Castledine, Nampa Christian; Kayla Cooper, Nampa Christian; Lindy Westendorf, Cole Valley Christian; Raquel Halley, Cole Valley Christian; Akyra Thompson, Cole Valley Christian; Jessie Hansen, Melba; Jade Ashley, McCall-Donnelly; Josie Thurman, New Plymouth; Dusty Goff, New Plymouth; Aubrey Wilson, New Plymouth{/span}

1A Division I All-Western Idaho Conference

{p dir=”ltr”}{span}Player of the Year:{/span} {span}Micaela Hulsey, Liberty Charter{/span}

{p dir=”ltr”}{span}Coach of the Year:{/span} {span}Sharsti Goff, Horseshoe Bend{/span}

{p dir=”ltr”}{span}First Team:{/span} {span}Margaret Anderson, Idaho City; Hannah Renfro, Horseshoe Bend; McKenna Ireland, Notus; Kate Renfro, Horseshoe Bend; Maggie MacMahon, Ambrose; Matika Rasmussen, Compass Charter{/span}

{p dir=”ltr”}{span}Second Team:{/span} {span}Brittney Elliott, Horseshoe Bend; Hannah Pawek, Idaho City; Saige Connelly, Compass Charter; Jade Warren, Horseshoe Bend; Kennedy Binegar, Riverstone; Alex Sanchez, Notus{/span}

{p dir=”ltr”}{span}Honorable Mention:{/span} {span}Amaleise Mills, Rimrock; Emma Page, Greenleaf Friends; Emmy Troyer, Ambrose; Sakota Hall, Rimrock; Rachel Cummings, Idaho City; Samantha Hernandez, Compass Charter; Sequoia Deason, Notus; Ashkai Magoffin, Victory Charter; Emilie Cooke, Liberty Charter; Madi Chesnut, Horseshoe Bend; Kaylene Gallegos, Idaho City; Ellie Bates, Compass Charter; Molli Plantenga, Greenleaf Friends; Sydney Pratt, Horseshoe Bend; Celecia Swaney, Rimrock{/span}

{p dir=”ltr”}{span}Senior All-Stars:{/span} {span}Margaret Anderson, Idaho City; Hannah Renfro, Horseshoe Bend; Brittney Elliott, Horseshoe Bend; McKenna Ireland, Notus; Samantha Hernandez, Compass Charter; Alex Sanchez, Notus; Micaela Hulsey, Liberty Charter; Matika Rasmussen, Compass Charter; Maggie MacMahon, Ambrose; Brianna Geselle, Liberty Charter; Hannah Pawek, Idaho City; Analeise Mills, Rimrock{/span}

1A Division II All-District III: no list provided

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