Boise Rescue Mission thrift store

Bill Roscoe stands in the leased space that will become a new thrift store operated by the Boise Rescue Mission. Roscoe, who is executive director of the mission, said he hopes the new store will expand the organization’s ministry in Nampa.

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NAMPA — The Boise Rescue Mission plans to open a thrift store at 1215 12th Avenue Road in Nampa.

The Rescue Mission Thrift Store will be the first thrift store operated by the Boise Rescue Mission.

Bill Roscoe, President and CEO of Boise Rescue Mission Ministries, said he hopes to have the new store open by Oct. 19.

“I’ve been dreaming this dream for a long time,” Roscoe said.

The store will have 10,000 square feet of retail floor space and a 4,000-square-foot loading dock.

Roscoe said the store will serve as a source of income for the ministry as well as a means to provide for the community. He said the Rescue Mission Thrift Store will feature a prayer area and a kids playroom for parents shopping with their children.

“We hope it’s a money maker, but it’s more than that,” Roscoe said. “It’s a ministry.”

The Boise Rescue Mission Ministry is a non-profit organization that serves homeless people and those with addictions in Ada and Canyon counties. The Boise Rescue Mission runs programs that assist homeless children, veterans, individuals with mental health issues and those going through drug and alcohol rehabilitation. In Nampa, the Boise Rescue Mission operates the Lighthouse Shelter for Men and the Valley Women and Children’s Shelter.

Roscoe believes the Rescue Mission put in the groundwork to make its new thrift store a success.

“We chose this site on information we got from people who really know what they are doing ... I think the community is going to embrace it,” Roscoe said.

The ministry signed on to a five-year lease at the 12th Avenue location, which used to be a Rite Aid, according to Roscoe. The ministry is still in the process of staffing, but he said the Rescue Mission Thrift Store will be partially operated by individuals from Boise Rescue Mission programs.

“(The store) will give them the chance to earn a paycheck and build a resume,” Roscoe said.

Roscoe hopes profits from the new thrift outlet will help fund current programs, pay for debt the mission has in Boise and fund deferred maintenance at other Boise Rescue Mission facilities.

“There’s no shortage of places to spend the money,” Roscoe said. “We just have to make the money.”

According to Roscoe, the new store will not take any donations away from the already established ministry programs. “The mission will still have first dibs,” he said.

According to Roscoe, the ministry already receives enough donations to stock the store and run its other programs.

The Rescue Mission Thrift Store will join several other thrift stores in the area. Idaho Youth Ranch, Goodwill and Savers operate on Caldwell Boulevard, and there is a Saint Vincent De Paul along with several other secondhand stores in and around downtown Nampa. A Deseret Industries thrift store is also scheduled to open on Caldwell Boulevard in October.

Peggy Jordan, Idaho Youth Ranch Director of Communications, said the Youth Ranch is happy to see the new Rescue Mission Thrift Store opening.

“We wish them a lot of success,” Jordan said. “We enjoy working with all local non-profits.”

Jordan said the Idaho Youth Ranch understands the importance of the Boise Rescue Mission’s work in aiding the homeless.

“We are supportive of their mission because it is our mission, too,” Jordan said.

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