Kevin Miller at Wal-mart

Local radio personality Kevin Miller, left, and Executive director of the Boise Rescue Mission Rev. Bill Roscoe, middle, receive food donations from James Demaris, of Nampa, during the food drive and fundraising event where Miller will be camping out in the parking lot of the Nampa Wal-mart until Saturday.

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NAMPA – Kevin Miller, of radio station 580 KIDO, said after he almost lost his house, he wanted to experience what the people who have nothing go through on a daily basis. To do this, Miller has participated in awareness campaigns for the Lighthouse Rescue Mission by living with Lighthouse residents for a week.

This week, Miller is doing something slightly different. He is living at a Nampa Wal-Mart for one week to raise awareness and run a food drive for the Lighthouse Rescue Mission and the Valley Women and Children’s Shelter. He’s calling it, “Miller’s Mission.”

The Lighthouse Rescue Mission provides a safe residence for local men in need, and the Valley Women and Children’s Shelter provides one for women and children.

Miller intends to remain at the Nampa Wal-Mart at 5875 East Franklin Road until Saturday. He will continue with his radio show “Kevin Miller in the Morning,” raise a general awareness to the two charities and hand out grocery lists to Wal-Mart shoppers filled with items they can donate.

Miller said either charity would say they’ll accept any and all donations, but Miller thinks what they really need is socks and underwear for the men and diapers for the children. In fact, he said it’s possible he might isolate an entire day to collect as many diapers as he can.

Miller said he began at 5 a.m. Monday morning, and local residents showed their generosity for his cause almost instantaneously. He said a man donated a full bag of groceries as early as 5:40 a.m.

“I love this Wal-Mart in particular,” Miller said. “It’s great with all the Wal-Marts, but I’ve found in the past that this one has been the most generous.”

Miller said this fundraiser is different from when he’s lived at the Lighthouse Rescue Mission, because it allows other citizens the chance to actively engage in helping a good cause. He said it makes a difference when people feel like they are a part of the process.

“Miller’s Mission is about helping,” he said. “Whether it’s a bag of groceries, a box of diapers, everybody contributes, and you always get more when you give.”

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