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We just barely featured that teeny-tiny baby you see pictured in the proud family photo today. In fact, it was just a day ago when Blakely Shea Bishop starred as one of our October Babies of the Month — all cute and cuddly, and fast asleep in her box of fleece.

So why is it that we’re featuring her again today?

Because we can’t let something like the fact that Blakely was born on Sept. 4, the same day as her great aunt’s (Debi Jensen) birthday go unannounced!

We should also tell you that in addition to the generations shown in the photo (all with ear-to-ear smiles) by the way, there is also Dan and Peggy Campbell and Wayne and Dana Bishop, who also claim grandparents’ bragging rights and are doing more than a little smiling of their own.

“The Bishops, Pedersens and Campbells just got a brand new addition, and we are all so proud,” was the general consensus.

Another sweet family tidbit has to do with Rex Wagner and little Parker Lee, both pictured in another photo today.

“I wanted to send a photo for the newspaper,” wrote mommy, Angie Lee, in a recent email with the photo attached. “Pictured is my grandpa and my daughter celebrating their birthdays together.”

Rex turned 86 years old on Sept. 14, while his great-granddaughter, Parker, turned 1 year old the same day.

And if ever you wanted to see pride, joy and love emanating from the face of one family member in genuine affection for another member … this is the day!

Hmm. Eighty-five years between them, and no generation gap AT ALL!

Turning a beautiful 95 years old today is none other than Norma Tyson (pictured).

“Happy Birthday to You,” is the wish from Norma’s children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Keep all of those tidbits coming!

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