Actors Nick Steen (left, as the young writer Clifford Anderson) and Tom Ford (right, as the seasoned playwright Sidney Bruhl) share a seemingly innocuous toast in a production of “Deathtrap.” Idaho Shakespeare Festival will run “Deathtrap” through July 25.

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BOISE — A 38-year Boise tradition, the Idaho Shakespeare Festival is poised to open its 2014 season Saturday night with “Deathtrap,” an exciting “whodunnit”-style play.

“It’s a thriller,” said Hannah Read, Idaho Shakespeare Festival’s director of marketing. “It should be really exciting for folks. We did ‘Mousetrap’ a few years ago, and it’s sort of in that same vein. This one is much more exciting. It just came to us from our sister theater in Cleveland, and it got amazing reviews there. They just ate it up. I think it’s going to be a big hit here as well.”

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