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Cheers to a spectacular company in Caldwell, IBH. To Amy and Danielle, Amber, Jennifer, Haley, Margie and Ginger. The world is a far better place thanks to their good souls.

Jeers to TV stations that show highlights from local high school football games but only mention players from one of the teams. I watched highlights of the Nampa vs. Mountain View game and not one Nampa High player was mentioned. Mountain View had six players/plays mentioned. Jeers to you all for not giving some credit to both 5A teams. Nampa Lost but played hard.

Cheers and Jeers: Cheers to the kids who do the car washes on 12th and Greenhurst and everywhere else. They are learning how to work for their money instead of someone just handing it over to them. Besides, they do a better job than most of the car washes. Some people can’t wash their own cars, so these kids are a blessing to them. Jeers to the people who complain. These kids are learning good work ethics, even though they are having fun. They are also learning to work with others. If you don’t want to hear them, take a different route or just stay home.

Cheers to the street crews who raised the manhole covers on Midland Boulevard so that they are now the same level as the street. It’s so nice to be able to drive over them without having my alignment thrown out of whack!

Cheers to anyone who starts making some tests on the level of carbon monoxide and other fumes that the extreme change in traffic patterns along the southern side of Library Square in Nampa, its eastern and northern sides may be creating for the children, elderly and anyone else using the library or enjoying the park in its center.

Cheers to the speech therapists, occupational therapists, CNAs and physical therapists that work at nursing homes with the elderly and make things enjoyable so that the patients look forward to working with you each day. A special shout-out to Julianne, April and Ilene at Trinity Holly Rehab in Nampa for making the day a little brighter with kindness.

Cheers to West Valley Medical Center’s second-floor nurses Desiree, Brandon, Tom and Misty. During my mother’s hospital stay from pneumonia, the staff made sure she was cared for, felt comforted and took really good care of her, and they were really patient with our family. Best care around. Thanks.

Cheers to my good friend Crystal Solis. She came out of the gas station to see the man who got stabbed bleeding by her car. She grabbed what she could to apply pressure to his wounds, while trying to calm him down until paramedics arrived. This is just a testament to how caring and selfless a person she is! I’m very proud to call her my friend.

Cheers to Joy’s Auto Clinic. Thank you for the wonderful customer service and work you do on our cars. No matter how big or small the repair is, you always treat your customers’ cars like they are your own cars. We are so grateful to have you here in the Treasure Valley. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Kevin, Lori & Ty

Jeers to the security company that manipulates the elderly. They sold our dad, who is 94, a system, and not even a complete system was installed before we could arrive. They were gone and told him the whole thing would be covered by Medicaid. Not one penny is covered! He is locked in a three-year contract! Their management was no help! Medicaid will not help. They drilled and knocked power out to his kitchen, put in a digital operating box that controls his secured door and his furnace. For a 94-year old? Come on.

Jeers: Look out senior citizens for a local roofing company with bad business practices! They charge a hefty price with an agreement to fix the problem but leave you with the same problem and take your hard-earned money. We spent several thousand dollars to fix a problem. However, after the first rainstorm, we found the same problem existed and was never fixed. They refused to make it right without us spending thousands of dollars more! Yeah, right! They took advantage of me once and I am not going to let it happened twice!

Cheers to the Parks and Recreation Department of the city of Caldwell. Seventeen ladies had one of our summer picnics at Mallard Park. We set up and ate at one of the spacious gazebos, watched many families use the walking paths, were entertained by the Frisbee golfers, and enjoyed the children laughing as they played on the swing and slide facilities. The park was beautifully maintained! The view of the lake was spectacular! Appreciation goes to the hard-working crews that maintain this park for the enjoyment and pleasure of the community.

Jeers: I represent the Caldwell DAR Chapter, and last spring I sent a list of our Good Citizen winners and one state winner. These represent 12 schools — Caldwell, Vallivue, Middleton, Notus, Parma, Homedale, Wilder, Marsing, Payette, Fruitland, New Plymouth and Greenleaf Academy. You printed the article so small I didn’t see it! You have a wide group of subscribers from these areas and we are disgusted with your handling of our news. This article represents the best of the senior class in these areas.

Editor’s note: Two paragraphs and a two-column photo on these awards were published in the Front Porch column on C2 in the May 20 Press-Tribune. Awards such as these are traditionally published in Front Porch.

Cheers to people who have the ability to laugh at themselves when they make a mistake. Life is much easier to handle when you try not to take it so seriously.

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