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CALDWELL — A recall effort is under way against two Caldwell School Board trustees following the removal of Tim Rosandick as acting superintendent of Caldwell School District.

The recall targets trustees Leif Skyving and Amy Rojas. The two could not be reached for comment Monday night.

Russ Beardsley, who was vice chairman of the committee that eventually hired Rosandick as superintendent, told the Idaho Press-Tribune on Monday night that he and 15 others have initiated the recall with 20 signatures and will work to collect more in the days ahead to get it on the ballot either in August or November.

The campaign comes less than a month after Rosandick and his assistant superintendent, Luci Asumendi, were relieved by the school board of active duty status. Trustees passed addendums to Rosandick and Asumendi’s contracts with the school district, but the two stayed on as “consultants” to the board and district officials until their contracts expire next June. Both are free to seek employment outside the district without jeopardizing their contracts with the district. Jodie Mills, director of curriculum and instruction, was appointed as acting superintendent for the 2015-16 school year.

To date, the only explanation given for the move is that it was a “mutual agreement” for cohesiveness between the trustees and superintendent.

Beardsley said there is more to it than that.

“Tim Rosandick didn’t want to leave the district,” Beardsley said. “I know that from discussions I had with him before the election. One of the reasons why we worked so hard to keep (trustees) Chuck Stout, Tom Briten and Sandie Dodson on the board was because they made up the majority, and Leif and Amy have always had a significant distaste for Tim.”

Beardsley said he and others believed if there was a change in the board makeup and Travis Manning or Toni Waters won a seat — as Manning did in May — that the majority would swing to the other side in a negative way.

“I believe that once the election was concluded and Travis had been declared the winner, I believe that Amy and Leif approached (Tim) and told him that the writing was on the wall,” Beardsley said.

That upset him and many others because of what they view as Rosandick’s significant contributions to the school district. At a special meeting June 22, Beardsley pointed out that the district’s reserve fund has increased from $25,000 in 2012 to $500,000 this year. He also said the district received overwhelming approval for a plant facility levy this year and a supplemental levy in 2013.

“I’m just very, very disappointed that Tim has been ushered out,” Beardsley said.

According to Idaho Statute, the group has 75 days to collect the required number of signatures to put it on the ballot.

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