Michael Snyder

Who hasn't heard of Michael Snyder, Republican candidate for the First Congressional District in Idaho?

Michael is an unashamed Christian, pro-life, pro-Trump family man who decided last year to come to the aid of his country. Michael Snyder is one of the most popular conservative authors in America.

He is the author of four books. He has been a frequent guest on major radio and television shows and his websites have been viewed more than 100 million times. Michael's articles are also published on dozens of other major websites, and this includes some of the biggest alternative news websites. Maybe you've seen him on Alex Jones' infowars.com.

With government ever increasing its domination over the individual, Michael will work to abolish the IRS and the Federal Income Tax. He will work to abolish the Federal Reserve.

He also believes that federal agencies like the EPA and BLM, which have been used to take away property rights and our individual freedoms, should be closed.

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He wants to shut down Big Brother spying and stop reckless federal spending. He wants to repeal Obamacare, help Trump build the wall and give local communities the right to say “No” to Islamic refugees.

Michael believes that every American citizen has the constitutional right to carry a gun. He wants to abolish the U.S. Department of Education, which is imposing Common Core on our youth.

Michael Snyder is a man of character, integrity and high moral standards who won't sell his soul for a mess of pottage in Washington, D.C. Michael Snyder will help President Trump drain the swamp.

You can meet him in person at the Melba Senior Center from 8-9 a.m. Feb. 20.

You've heard of Michael Snyder now.


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