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My family moved to Kuna almost 21 years ago. There was no police force, no stop lights, and you bought your groceries at IGA (where Cowgirls now stands). The public library was the high school library which was where the middle school is now.

Despite all the changes that have occurred over that time, we still love Kuna. One of the best things about Kuna is how it identifies so closely to the high school. We wear black and gold with pride. We brag to friends and family that we’re Kavemen! Our city crest, the water tower and even the roundabout are emblazoned with the Kavemen colors. Seems like half the businesses in town follow suit.

But change is upon us once again and we should tread carefully.

For the first time, ever, there is going to be a second high school, and things may never be the same again. The students of this school will not wear gold and black. They will not be Kavemen. The city crest, the water tower and the round-about will mock every student that must attend that school. Our community will be divided.

But I believe there is a way to mitigate this change to our community. There is a way those students can go to school and wear their colors with pride, and celebrate their mascot. There is a solution that will help the businesses of Kuna support both schools. In short, there is a way to keep the entire community united.

I propose that the mascot for the new high school should be the Kuna Sabertooths. What symbol would create a better “friendly” rivalry between our two great high schools? What combination would create a better image than the Kaveman side-by-side with the Sabertooth looking outward to the rest of the valley?

I further propose that the school colors be black and silver. The unity of the color black, the value of two precious elements gold and silver. And let’s be honest, it would still be a very awesome football jersey! It would also be very easy to add silver to those places in town that currently utilize black and gold and keep our community unified.

Thank you.

— Jim Rudy


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