Alx Stevens

I could do a better job of following up on crime news.

It was brought to my attention at the neighborhood watch meeting that there’s been no update on the park inflatables vandalism. Has the culprit been caught or is the investigation still ongoing? I don’t know, and I haven’t asked.

I could do a better job of following up on courts news.

The Idaho Statesman broke the news about the lawsuit filed against the Kuna School District. Why didn’t the community’s newspaper report that first?

I’m torn about what to say.

Part of me wants to apologize and promise to work harder at providing more news coverage on crime and courts.

The other part wants to apologize, but remind readers that there’s only one of me, and I think I provide a lot of information and stories the community wants to be informed on.

What I can say, to quote my editor, Scott McIntosh, is the Kuna Melba News is the community’s newspaper; it belongs to Kuna residents.

People told me they wanted to know what was being built on the corner of Deer Flat and Meridian roads. I found out and reported it was a KJ’s Superstore, a gas station, car wash and restaurant (now identified as Little Caesar’s).

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People asked me to vary the Matters of Faith column contributors. I now have four committed pastors rotating the column, and I plan to reach out to more.

Someone even called me to ask why the puzzles weren’t making it into the paper. I ask for more space in the paper for the puzzles.

I hope this shows that I work for you. But, like the Ada County Sheriff’s Office, I don’t know what the problems are, what you care to hear about, unless you tell me.

Thank you to those who call me, email me, message me on Facebook or stop in at the office to talk with me. Thank you for telling me what I’m doing well, where I can improve, what you want to read about.

And a special thank you to those who thank me for the work I do.

I sincerely appreciate your engagement. It’s those interactions that remind me I’m valued as the community’s reporter, that my job serves a purpose, and that that purpose is being fulfilled.

Full disclosure, for the record, I can’t, and don’t, get to everything. I apologize to those of you who have asked for something that I haven’t provided.

As your community reporter, I ask you to bear with me, with this paper. I truly hope to show the spirit, the intention is there. I will keep trying.

Alx Stevens is the reporter for Kuna Melba News. Contact her at 208-922-3008 or

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