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Tommy Dorsey was an Orchestra leader from the late 1930s till 1956. He was named “The Gentleman of Swing.” Tommy was a trombonist, a composer and a conductor. In 1940 Frank Sinatra joined the band, honing his skills for two years before he went out on his own.

There have been other leaders since, the longest-lasting of them keeping “The Big Band sound” alive was Buddy Morra. He said, “I’ll do it for a couple of months” and ended up leading the band for 33 years!

My sister and I decided to go to the Nampa Civic Center to hear the Tommy Dorsey band. The evening started at 7:30 p.m. by James Brown director of the Civic Center introducing Terry Meyers, the band director. The auditorium was 70 percent full, mostly senior citizens, but there were about 25 percent younger people.

The band played “Song of India,” and “Swanee River.” Then Brian sang “Once in a While,” “I’ll Never Smile Again,” and “I Hear Music.” Brian sang “I’m Going to Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter,” then “All of Me.” The final selection of the first set was “Fly Me to the Moon.”

The second set song, “I Want to be Around,” was sung by Brian. The next selection, which was played by the band, was “Hawaiian War Chant” and “Well Get It.” Then the band played “Things Ain’t What They Used To Be.” Brian sang the next selection “Marie.” The band chimed in with background quips. The next song was Brian’s “Street of Dreams” and “I Get a Kick out of You,” also “Love is Easier the Second Time Around.” The band played “The Moulton Swing,” and “TD’s Boogie Woogie,” then “Night Train.” The final band song was “Flying Home.”

The evening ended at 9:40 p.m. The evening proved to be very enjoyable for all.


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