Two weeks ago, Tanner and Alli Hoagland submitted a letter to the editor thanking the community for its support and well-wishes to their son, Beckham.

For several weeks, I’ve been preaching about the issues that we generally don’t like to talk about even though they impact many, many people.

My cousin, Corinne, was a big kid reading books all the time, when I first remembered her. I was a little grade school kid. Her brother, Manny, and I were nearer the same age. Her folks, my Aunt Olea and Uncle Melvin, had moved their family from Filer to Boise when we first hung out with the…

Who is the greatest inventor of the 20th Century? According to the books we studied in school, without a doubt, Thomas Edison.

My family moved to Kuna almost 21 years ago. There was no police force, no stop lights, and you bought your groceries at IGA (where Cowgirls now stands). The public library was the high school library which was where the middle school is now.

November 25th is a day that will be forever engraved into our minds; that is the day that we were given the most difficult news that we as parents have ever had to face.

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Usually in an election year, the Idaho Legislature wants to get done with its work quickly so members can start campaigning. They do their business, avoid controversial issues and in general try to minimize conflict that takes up time.

In my tradition, we celebrate Baptism of Our Lord Sunday on the second Sunday of January. We read Matthew 3:13-17 to guide our worship, but this year we specifically read it from “The Message.” (You can access “The Message” on if you want to check it out.) It’s one of my…

Later this month, schools, homeschool groups, organizations, and individuals in Idaho and across America will work together to raise awareness about the importance of opportunity in K-12 education.

Several years ago, I built some toys in my workshop that I planned to give to Toys-for-Tots. However, when I took them to a collection site, Toys-for-Tots would not take them. They said the toys had to be bubble wrapped from a retailer. I gave the toys to a homeless shelter in Nampa, and the…

With winter now officially begun — and with memories of last year’s relentless snowfall and icy weather still fresh in all our minds — it’s a good time for us all to take a deep breath and prepare for what’s coming.

Some Idaho legislators have been trying since 2014 to get rid of the grocery tax. Chances are, they will try again in the upcoming legislative session. Will this be the year they get their way?

This Advent, these weeks leading up to Christmas, I have been wondering quite a lot. In fact, I’m intentionally wondering about the hope, peace, love, and joy that Christ brings into the world. Here are some of my recent wonderings:

I have been a band member of the Prime Time Swingers for five years. The band was originally started 22 years ago by Diana Cullin. She was an activities director in various nursing homes for 33 years. Her motto is, “If you keeping going, you’ll keep going.” Now the band consists of senior ci…

The best turkey we ever had was the year we lived in the Ferguson house on Randolph. We had never been so poor. We had the garage on the corner of Broadway and Second Street. (It would later be known as Joe Amos’ Garage.) We were basically going $4.50 in the hole every day during those days.

Can you ever remember a time when the flag of the United States of America has flown at half-staff as much as it has in recent years?

Many things in life are a leap of faith and require us to move forward, not certain of the outcome.

I was unable to attend the Veterans Day activities at Kuna High School this year. I always try to attend, but my father-in-law recently passed away and his funeral was on Friday morning. Obviously that took priority over being honored at Kuna High.