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Zeke Corder is the author of Zeke’s Corner, a regular column in the Kuna Melba News.

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Some of you, OK, most of you, are not as old as I am. But I remember when Deer Flat was a dirt road through Kuna. I remember when there were farms where now subdivisions and multi-story, multi-family complexes take up the landscape.

I am not bemoaning the growth in Kuna. In fact, I believe it to have been inevitable.

Kuna is near enough to be a so-called bedroom community supporting the businesses in Boise and Nampa. Both towns are growing.

I imagine that within the lifetime of many current Kuna residents, Kuna will become part of Boise. What does that mean for Kuna and for those who do not wish to see Kuna absorbed into a city?

I don’t believe there is any way to prevent that happening, but I believe that it is something to plan for.

I think, eventually, Kuna will be home to large businesses and possibly industry. Yes, I know Kuna was able to prevent a fair-sized industry from locating here, but I don’t think it will be that easy to discourage others in the upcoming years.

In just the last couple of years business in the city has all but abandoned downtown. I remember when the location of Cowgirls was the only grocery in town. There was controversy when Paul’s built the new mall/store clear out on the edge of town.

Within just a short few years, Kuna’s town center is virtually relocated to Kuna-Meridian highway, a “long” ways from downtown. New businesses are cramming into an entirely new area of our little town.

First, it was to be a theater coming to Kuna. Well, an additional grocery, a discount department store, a new bank, McDonald’s, several small businesses, a third auto-parts store, a farm supply, a dollar store, several fast food suppliers, and additional businesses have all made the Kuna shopping district quite some distance from what we used to think of as downtown. Even though the movie theater has not appeared, I’m sure it is coming soon (so the sign says).

Along with the new business district, homes are being added by the hundreds. With new subdivisions and apartment complexes growing up nearly overnight, I absolutely believe other businesses will see the potential for adding themselves to the Kuna structure.

Now, back to the beginning of this rant. Deer Flat was a dirt road with a few houses and several farms. What to me seems to be a brand-new high school in the midst, already there is talk of the absolute necessity to add another high school.

I can say that in my opinion Greg Nelson did a great job of managing the office of mayor of Kuna for over two decades! He saw us through much of our early expansion. He attempted to smooth over many of the growing pains Kuna experienced.

However, we are no longer a small village with a part-time government.

Joe Stear has taken on something I don’t think even he imagined when he ran for mayor. The growth that burst out after the recession has been incredible, but I think “we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

I think our mayor, city council, planning and zoning and every other government office for this little village has one heck of a challenge ahead. I believe the infrastructure necessary to support what is coming to Kuna is going to challenge everyone to cope in the near future.

An overpass for the railroad? That is something we’ve heard talked about for decades. I would like to see it come, but who knows when it might? When I was a volunteer firefighter for Melba, we often were called to assist Kuna for incidents on the south side of the tracks, but is that justification for an overpass? I don’t know. We will have to wait and see.

My point is that as Alx Stevens has ably reported for us, there are more new subdivisions on both sides of the tracks than most of us can keep up with. The subdivision I live in was considered new when I moved here. No longer, I’ve lived here for 20 years.

Things move quickly and all I can advise is be ready and know that compromise avoids radical actions like eminent domain.


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