Skeleton pieces put (mostly) back together

Vickey Gearring’s model skeleton is mostly put back together. To read how it came apart, the previous story, visit

Data Log Six: Mystery solved

Skeleton murder #102017


Well, this is my last episode of the kidnapping and murder story of my charming skeleton.

One evening I heard a knock at my door.

Upon answering it, I found three people standing there who I didn’t know — two women with a tall young lad.

The first woman seemed to be in charge of the young man. She told me he wanted to tell me something. At that moment I knew ... he was the one who’d taken my skeleton.

He did confess in his own words. I instantly felt anger well up in my heart as I quickly started asking him questions ... especially ... why he took my skeleton.

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Like any normal teenager probably would say, he stated he thought it’d be fun.

I told him my opinion about that, and also tried to be reasonable about why he shouldn’t be stealing other people’s things.

I sincerely hope I got through to him. I tried to appeal to his better side! I tried to be kind to him ... as I have also raised a young man myself and know the crazy things they can do!

In all this I want to thank the great lady who brought him to meet me and confess. She is truly a caring person ... both to me and to the boy, trying to show him right from wrong, and the consequences of his hurtful actions. And also to meet a real live person who’s feeling the hurt, anger and sadness he caused.

Granted, it was just a silly toy that doesn’t really matter, but the act of trespassing and then stealing another person’s belongings isn’t the way to get ahead in life.

I hope he cares enough for this lady who’s trying to help him through a tough time, to clean up his act.

I asked if he thought he could pay me back the price of the skeleton, knowing already he couldn’t. The lady then suggested he work it off. I thought it was a fair way for him to learn he has to be responsible for his actions.

So, he is supposed to rake leaves and/or find the other missing body parts for me. That part of the story remains to be seen ...


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