Kuna’s iconic “castle house” is for sale for $1.5 million, and its current owner hopes whoever buys the castle and its property will continue to offer it to the community.

TJ Jones and his family bought the castle house, near the corner of Deer Flat and Meridian roads, from Key Bank around 2011 and continued offering it as a wedding and other event venue. Most weddings, Jones said, were held outside in the secluded garden, which also serves as the Jones’ back yard.

The Jones family has used the castle house as their home. The castle is split as a public facility, which holds about 90 people, and a private residence. Jones said when his 4-year-old daughter toured the castle house with her family and the real estate agent, she wouldn’t leave when the tour was done.

“She wasn’t leaving the castle,” Jones said. “I called my wife back up and said Sammie wants to stay at the castle for a little while longer, why don’t you meet with us. The next day we got with the realtor and made an offer to buy the place.”

The castle house and its gardens has been a Kuna feature since 2006, when the original owner, Jim Grosscurth built it for his wife, Ronna.

The couple began offering it as event venue July 2007.

Around 2010-2011, the Grosscurths had to foreclose on the castle house and sell it to the bank. Jones bought it in 2012 for $346,500, according to zillow.com, and had to make some fixes, such as to the entryway fountain and light fixtures. Jones has also added a garden to the property.

With all of the commercial growth coming to Meridian Road, Jones feels that now is the time to sell, to give someone else the opportunity to realize “their vision.”

“I hope somebody takes the castle and keeps trying to bring it back to what it could be,” Jones said. “Whoever does that is going to need to incorporate what goes on out on Meridian Road to be successful, I think.”

Jones had a vision too, to build a commercial ice rink facility. Though Jones decided not to build an ice rink on the 5.5 acres of the castle house property, he is still glad he and his family got to live in it for the time they did. Jones said from hosting family holiday gatherings to tented sleepovers, there have been good times.

“It’s unique,” Jones said about what it’s like to live in the castle house. “Everybody knows it. And everybody wants to come over. Every time we have a hockey or baseball party here, soccer party, or something, (it’s) ‘Let’s go to the Joneses’ house.’ Which is OK. That’s kind of why we got it.”

Alx Stevens is the reporter for Kuna Melba News. Contact her at 208-922-3008 or editor@kunamelba.com.

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