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For the 19th month in a row, Idaho’s unemployment rate remained at below 3 %.

In June, Idaho’s unemployment rate was 2.8%, according to a news release from the Idaho Department of Labor. Total employment grew during that month by 2,036, to 848,983.

Taken in context of the rest of the year, June’s labor force across Idaho was 16,886 — a 2% increase — and employment was also up 2%, by 16,385. There were 501 more unemployed people in June as well, according to the release.

Four of the state’s industries experienced job gains of 3% or greater, according to the release. Professional and business services grew by 5.9%, or 5,500 jobs. The release states “other services” grew by 3.5 percent, or 900 jobs, and that manufacturing grew by 3.2 percent, or 2,200 jobs. Finally, an additional 3,300 jobs in education and health means the field grew by 3.1%, according to the release.

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In June in Idaho, there were 28,711 online job openings, compared to 30,008 in June of 2018. And while other industries showed job gains, the natural resources sector did not, though, according to the release, it met seasonal expectations.

The Idaho Falls Metropolitan Area displayed the fastest job growth, with 200 more jobs appearing there between May and June — a .3% increase.

This played out against the backdrop of a slight national rise in unemployment, from 3.6% to 3.7%, according to the release. Across the country, 6 million people were looking for jobs, which is still down from June 2018. In that month, the national unemployment rate was 4%, or 6.5 million people.

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