Kuna City Council

Kuna City Council

Kuna City Council last week adopted a $46.6 million budget for fiscal year 2020, which begins Oct. 1. That's more than $13 million greater than the previous fiscal year. 

At its Sept. 3 meeting, the city council voted to waive three readings of a budget ordinance and adopt the budget. The council held budget workshops in July. 

The budget breakdown is:

General fund: $9.5 million

Capital projects fund: $1.8 million

Grant fund: $2.2 million

Park impact fee and capital project fund: $2.3 million

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Water fund: $11.3 million

Sewer fund: $7.7 million

Irrigation fund: $4.9 million

Solid waste fund: $2.5 million

Latecomers fund: $4.8 million

Total: $46.6 million

The city will bring in a projected $3.2 million in property tax revenue in 2020, up about $500,000 from 2019. 

Reporter Ryan Suppe can be reached at 208-922-3008. Follow him on Twitter: @salsuppe.

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