A Christmas concert past

Anita Edwards conducts the fifth- and sixth-grade percussion ensemble during a past Christmas concert at Teed Elementary School.

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Friday, Dec. 15 is Teed Elementary School’s final Christmas performance … ever.

The Teed Elementary School Christmas performance is unique because it blends fifth- and sixth-grade students showcasing a variety of music talent, including percussion music on drums, xylophones, Caribbean steel drums, glockenspiels and bass bars.

The percussion group is only one of two in the state of Idaho, said music teacher Anita Edwards. This year’s performance is the 14th anniversary and will be the final anniversary year.

Teed Elementary School will become Teed Middle School next school year, and sixth-grade students will be in middle schools while fifth-grade students will continue to attend elementary schools.

The students named the concert “A Christmas of Memories,” which Edwards feels is a fitting name for the finale.

She said the students have been serious about rehearsing for this performance because they know this is the last one.

Event attendees will be greeted by students upon entering the building. These students will hand out a paper program so you can follow along.

Oh, and come an hour beforehand if you can. About 300-500 people are expected to attend. About 200 folding chairs will add extra seating.

“You’ll want to come early to find a seat,” Edwards said with a laugh, “because the bleachers will be completely full. People usually get here an hour beforehand.”

You’ll hear Christmas music on CD as you come into the decorated gym, adorned with Christmas decorations.

About 1:20 p.m., all classes start entering the gym in their matching shirts and blue jeans. They will fill the risers or take their places on the floor. At 1:30 p.m., the fifth- and sixth-grade percussion ensemble plays first.

Musical pieces include a vocal piece, a recorder (instrument) piece and a vocal and percussion piece.

To close the concert, Edwards said there will be a special surprise.

“The fifth-graders know this is the last year,” Edwards said, “so they are the fifth-graders that are going to finish it out before the district closes our building.”

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