The Kuna City Council approved the final draft of Envision Kuna, the city’s comprehensive land-use plan, on July 16. The plan was passed with a unanimous vote from members of city council after several revisions were made and public hearings were held over the past few months.

The final draft, complete with the council’s changes from a public hearing on June 18, included text about preserving dark skies and changing the zoning designation of certain parcels on Kuna Road.

The changes to zoning designations were made to the land-use map and include changing some parcels of land from commercial to mixed use; some from commercial to low-density residential; one from agriculture to mixed use; several from low-density to medium-density residential, and others from medium-density to low-density residential.

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The comprehensive plan is a document that will guide Kuna’s development for the next 20 years. Work on the plan started in May 2017. The purpose of the plan is to ensure that future decisions about the city’s growth are made with the community’s vision in mind, and as such, the community was invited on a number of occasions to provide input.

Some of the plan’s goals, as outlined in the document, include being economically diverse and vibrant, being healthy and safe, ensuring that land use supports a desirable, distinctive and well-designed community, connecting the community through strong transportation and infrastructure systems, investing in education, community facilities and cultural heritage, and governing collaboratively and effectively.

Now that the City Council has chosen to recognize the document as the active comprehensive plan, it still must be recognized by the Ada County commissioners as active, said planner Jace Hellman in a previous interview. The plan will now replace the 2015 Kuna Comprehensive Plan texts and maps.

Jordan Erb is the reporter for Kuna Melba News. You can contact her at 208-922-3008, or at Follow her on Twitter @jordanparkererb

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