Alex and Diana Short

Alex and Diana Short own clothing company Cascade Armory, which is facing a trademark challenge from Under Armour.

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What’s in a name? For Alex Short, the answer is everything, writes Idaho Press reporter Ashley Miller. Short and his wife, Diana, own a clothing start-up whose name, Cascade Armory, has landed them in a trademark dispute with retail giant Under Armour.

The company officially formed in late 2017, but the way Short, who works at Micron Technology, tells it, it really started years ago, when the couple was still in college. Advertising through Myspace and word of mouth, they sold clothes to their friends and classmates out of their dorm rooms. Short says it got them through college. Eventually, they decided to “go all in,” Short said, and spend their life savings starting Cascade Armory.

The clothes were designed with the Shorts’ community in mind — flannel button-ups, hoodies and beanies make up the unofficial uniform of Bend, Oregon, where the company is located. Currently, Diana Short lives there with the couple’s two children, while Alex splits his time between Boise and Bend.

“Their whole basis,” Alex Short said, “is that that people are only buying our clothes because they are confused and think that we’re Under Armour. At this point, we hired lawyers, and even they said, ‘Well, this is ridiculous.’”

“I understand they have to be aggressive about their brand, but this is overreach,” Leigh Gill, the Shorts’ lawyer, added. “No one is going to be confused.”

Under Armor also has pursued other companies whose names included "Armor" or forms of the word. Said Alex Short, "This isn’t right. I’m not going to just hand over everything I built because you say that you own a word.” You can read Miller's full story here at (subscription required), or pick up today's edition of the Idaho Press; it's on the front page.

Betsy Z. Russell is the Boise bureau chief and state capitol reporter for the Idaho Press and Adams Publishing Group. Follow her on Twitter at @BetsyZRussell.

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