Boise Depot

In 1997, the last regular passenger train rolled out of the Boise Depot. In the 22 years since, many hoped to bring Amtrak back to Idaho. But the depot on the Boise bench remains quiet. writes Don Day of In 2007, Sen. Mike Crapo mounted an “aggressive” push to reignite funding for Amtrak’s Pioneer line. It made it out of the senate but never came to fruition.

On Saturday, nearly 100 people rallied in La Grande, Oregon, in support of restoring the Amtrak Pioneer Line passenger train, according to the La Grande Observer. The Association of Oregon Rail and Transit Advocates hopes to bring the heartbeat of train travel back to the route from Portland, through La Grande and Boise, and down to Salt Lake City.

You can read Day's full story here, or pick up Saturday's edition of the Idaho Press.

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