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Paulette Jordan

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Paulette Jordan, GOP Sen. Jim Risch's Democratic challenger, has issued this statement on Risch's comments this afternoon on the Russian bounty threat against U.S. troops in Afghanistan; Risch called the reports "grossly inaccurate":

“As Chair of Senate Foreign Relations and a member of the Intelligence Committee, Jim Risch should first tell all Idahoans, including the 118,000 Idaho veterans, precisely what he knows about Russian bounties on our troops. He continues to sleep on the job. He should be digging into this matter, holding hearings, but instead he chooses to be a sheep for the White House. His role and constitutional responsibility is oversight and investigation to determine the dangers faced by our brave men and women in uniform. He lacks the independence and moral leadership expected of our elected officials in being a mouthpiece for the White House.”

Betsy Z. Russell is the Boise bureau chief and state capitol reporter for the Idaho Press and Adams Publishing Group. Follow her on Twitter at @BetsyZRussell.

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