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Attorneys for the Idaho Democratic Party and two registered Idaho voters have filed suit in 4th District Court against Idaho Secretary of State Lawerence Denney and rapper Kanye West, seeking to have West removed from listing as an independent candidate for president on Idaho's November ballot because West is a registered Republican in Wyoming. "This case is about upholding the integrity of our elections," said attorney Carl Withroe. "A candidate who is not eligible for the ballot appearing on some or all of the ballots Idaho voters were use this November will cause confusion, and that is not helpful."

Asked about a 2008 Idaho Supreme Court case that found that then-Secretary of State Ben Ysursa had no authority to remove independent candidate for Senate Rex Rammell from the ballot -- which attorneys for the West campaign have cited in urging Denney to take no action to remove West from the ballot -- Withroe said, "We don’t think it applies in this case."

The lawsuit seeks a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction requiring West's removal from the Idaho ballot and a court declaration that he is ineligible. In the complaint, the attorneys argue on behalf of the Idaho Democratic Party, "The party has an interest in the integrity of Idaho elections. It is concerned that a candidate on the ballot who is not eligible to be on the ballot will almost certainly cause confusion among voters for the office of president. ... The Idaho Democratic Party is also concerned that votes for an ineligible candidate will dilute the voting power of Democratic voters, which will result in votes being effectively wasted, effectively disenfranchising voters."

A copy of the complaint is attached to this post.

Betsy Z. Russell is the Boise bureau chief and state capitol reporter for the Idaho Press and Adams Publishing Group. Follow her on Twitter at @BetsyZRussell.

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